12 February 2007

Victimisation and Islamisation

REGARDING the arrests of nine men on 30/01/07 for the alleged plot to capture and behead a Muslim serving in HM Armed Forces Dr Mohammad Naseem opined:
'The German people were told Jews were a threat. The same thing is happening here. This is a persecuting course of action that the Government has taken. They have invented this perception of a threat. To justify that, they have to maintain incidents to prove something is going on. There is dismay and people feel they are being persecuted unjustly.'
Dr Nassem, who after the 07/07/05 atrocities notoriously denied the existence of al-Qaeda, is chairman of the Birmingham Mosque Trust (the Birmingham Central Mosque is one of the largest in Europe) and, if the above quote is anything to go by, also mayor of crazy-town. Even if Holocaust revisionism happens to be your thing, as it indeed is for many Muslims, comparing Britain's anti-terrorist measures to the policing methods employed by the NSDAP is a bit rich (actually, more than a bit). Do you think that those charming boys from the Gestapo would have thought to produce 5,000 goodwill leaflets (thoughtfully translated into the local lingo) to put through letterboxes after a raid on the ghetto for dissidents in an attempt to ease community relations, as the police in Birmingham did after Operation Gamble? Right. This sort of inflammatory statement from a venerable and respected member of the British Muslim community only serves to spread fear and division, which plays straight into the hands of the Islamists. If that is what Dr Nassem desires then fine; but if not he would be wise to watch his wayward tongue in future.

Soft on Crime, Soft on the Causes of Crime and, Crucially, Soft in the Head

IN the EU premier league of criminality, Britain is jostling aggressively for pole position with Ireland, who manages to hang tenaciously onto the top spot, according to EU International Crime and Safety Survey. The survey, compiled by the UN and the EU Commission, is billed as being, 'the most comprehensive analysis of crime, security and safety ever conducted in the EU.' It reveals that 21 per cent of British citizens saw or were subjected to some form of criminality in 2004, worsted only by Ireland's 22 per cent. The average rate of exposure in the EU's (then) 15 member countries (plus Estonia, Poland and Hungary) was 15 per cent which, when one considers this includes supposedly 'uncouth' former Soviet Bloc countries like Hungary and Poland, paints a depressing picture of Britain's lapse from it's renowned civility into the near lawlessness that currently blights so many lives. Interestingly, the report's authors upset the socialist apple-cart by concluding that, 'Within the European context levels of crime seem to be neither associated with poverty nor with national wealth.'
Humorously, Home Office bummer-boy Anthony McNulty, whom VPL has bloodily scourged before for his torrents of verbal diarrhoea, claims of the survey that:
'We have concerns about its quality and the comparisons. It does not take account of any recentcrime reduction measures to tackle alcohol misuse, the acquisitive crime campaign and tough new measures in the Violent Crime Reduction Act to tackle gun and knife crime.'
Well, Mr McNulty, sorry to break it to you, but according to your own figures, muggings and burglaries at gunpoint rose by ten per cent in 2006 and, as for alcohol misuse, don't even get us started on the Licencing Act 2003. To top it all off, hot-out-of-the-oven Home Office figures have revealed that of the 306,600 indicted wrongdoers sentenced in 2006, an astounding 269,806 (yes, that's 83 per cent) had prior convictions; proof perfect that our penal system is so ridiculously indulgent of its inmates that it no longer serves as an adequate disincentive to our criminal underclass. Maybe somebody should petition the government to reintroduce the Poire d'angoisser (okay, maybe just hard labour)? The whole government should go away and read The Abolition of Liberty and Fixing Broken Windows: Restoring Order and Reducing Crime in Our Communities.

Caught Out

THREE headlines:

'Saudi-backed school 'taught racism'' 06/02/07

'We do use books that call Jews 'apes' admits head of Islamic school'' 07/02/07

'Islamic school 'rips offending pages from textbooks'' 08/02/07

As Mark Steyn puts it:
'Jeddah? Don’t be silly. It’s the King Fahd Academy in West London – though, as the school puts it, 'This is not England. This is Saudi Arabia.''

Islamism: 'The Radicals are Here and They Must be Stopped'

THE Times2 supplement carried a disquieting and insightful interview with Gina Khan, a 38-year-old British Muslim woman, about the spread of Islamism in Birmingham and the hard-line attitude she asserts politicians will have to adopt in order to curb its deleterious proliferation.

'I truly believe that all these mosques here are importing jihad. The radical teaching is filtering through, and these mosques are not regulated. They are supporting everything that is wrong about Islam. We within the community knew this. People are lying. They are in denial. They knew they were bringing in radicals.'
Interestingly, she also stresses that:
'...there are still more English and British people, no matter what, and if they got together and wanted to stamp out this radicalism, they could. I am wasting my time talking to my own people; that is why I am sitting here talking to you, to open your eyes.'
Ah, yes Ms Khan, but, as much as your chilling message is both timely and appreciated, unfortunately the majority of white Britons are far too concerned with the tremendously important business of watching Deal or no Deal or following the progress of their football team to care about an impending Islamist takeover; the cult of self-indulgence of which the British citizenry are themselves fanatical acolytes is the principal reason this deadly situation has developed in the first place.
Anyway, digressions aside, do read the whole piece here.

Britain's Criminal Justice System: Run by Fruitcakes

REGULAR readers will know that VPL has a good moan about our imbecilic criminal justice system and the delusional metropolitan liberals who preside over it, oh, at least once a week, but then it is eminently difficult to remain silent when one comes across stories such as this.
Aside from the simple fact that it should be entirely permissible for constables to beat seven-shades of the brown stuff out of known criminals who are evading capture, it is this bizarre passage that completely and utterly defies all logic: ‘But the court heard he [PC Turner] failed to follow "police protocol" by using CS gas or a small truncheon first.’ So if PC Turner had cracked Mr Paskins over the noggin with his truncheon or liberally dowsed his oikish countenance with CS instead of kicking him in the leg, this complaint would’ve never have been upheld? Okay... Apparently Mr Paskins, who wasn’t even injured in the ‘assault’ (but who might have been were a truncheon or CS spray used), is ‘planning further legal action for compensation.’ Will anybody bat an eyelid if he gets it?

Wilberforce and the Whinger

A TYPICALLY fastidious Lee Jasper, that race-warrior extraordinaire, made some disparaging remarks regarding the film Amazing Grace (a biopic about William Wilberforce) which aroused VPL’s considerable ire. According to the morally imperious Mr Jasper:

‘The film prettifies the tragedy, the horror and the brutality of the slave trade. It seeks to give the impression that one man freed millions of slaves and negates the contribution of the enslaved Africans to their own freedom to a bit part.’
Which begs the question of just what is it that this indignant chap wants? What will finally make the right-on Chairman of National Black Alliance, National Black Caucus and Operation Black Vote happy? When every white person in Britain undertakes daily flagellation in ritual atonement for the behaviour of a small percentage of their forebears? Or if we were all forcibly strapped down to undergo a bizarre Ludovico-esque treatment in which we were made to watch a montage of unpleasant images of the maltreatment of slaves and natives for 24 hours so we would be left in no doubt as to the sadism and barbarity of our ancestors? Or perhaps if we were all forcibly sterilized, thus bequeathing Britain to the Negro and the South Asian (hang on...), Mr Jasper might then cease his incessant whining?
Throughout history many deeply unpleasant things have been done (and, of course, continue to be done) by man against his fellow, but continually focusing on these past transgressions is not healthy and, in the case of the West, this enforced reminiscence is responsible for fostering a feeling of general culpability (everything from Imperialism to global warming via the Holocaust is laid at our gore-splashed feet) which is causing untold damage to national confidence and leaving citizens estranged from the history and culture of their homeland. Perhaps Mr Jasper should reflect on just how fortunate he is to reside in a country that is honourable enough to acknowledge past wrongdoing and produce films like Amazing Grace, which confronts this disgraceful episode in our national story and our subsequent redemption from it by enlightened men like Wilberforce. Now why can’t he go and find a real job (id est one that preferably does not require him to discern some form racism or bigotry in every aspect of British culture and history).