12 February 2007

Victimisation and Islamisation

REGARDING the arrests of nine men on 30/01/07 for the alleged plot to capture and behead a Muslim serving in HM Armed Forces Dr Mohammad Naseem opined:
'The German people were told Jews were a threat. The same thing is happening here. This is a persecuting course of action that the Government has taken. They have invented this perception of a threat. To justify that, they have to maintain incidents to prove something is going on. There is dismay and people feel they are being persecuted unjustly.'
Dr Nassem, who after the 07/07/05 atrocities notoriously denied the existence of al-Qaeda, is chairman of the Birmingham Mosque Trust (the Birmingham Central Mosque is one of the largest in Europe) and, if the above quote is anything to go by, also mayor of crazy-town. Even if Holocaust revisionism happens to be your thing, as it indeed is for many Muslims, comparing Britain's anti-terrorist measures to the policing methods employed by the NSDAP is a bit rich (actually, more than a bit). Do you think that those charming boys from the Gestapo would have thought to produce 5,000 goodwill leaflets (thoughtfully translated into the local lingo) to put through letterboxes after a raid on the ghetto for dissidents in an attempt to ease community relations, as the police in Birmingham did after Operation Gamble? Right. This sort of inflammatory statement from a venerable and respected member of the British Muslim community only serves to spread fear and division, which plays straight into the hands of the Islamists. If that is what Dr Nassem desires then fine; but if not he would be wise to watch his wayward tongue in future.

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