12 February 2007

Britain's Criminal Justice System: Run by Fruitcakes

REGULAR readers will know that VPL has a good moan about our imbecilic criminal justice system and the delusional metropolitan liberals who preside over it, oh, at least once a week, but then it is eminently difficult to remain silent when one comes across stories such as this.
Aside from the simple fact that it should be entirely permissible for constables to beat seven-shades of the brown stuff out of known criminals who are evading capture, it is this bizarre passage that completely and utterly defies all logic: ‘But the court heard he [PC Turner] failed to follow "police protocol" by using CS gas or a small truncheon first.’ So if PC Turner had cracked Mr Paskins over the noggin with his truncheon or liberally dowsed his oikish countenance with CS instead of kicking him in the leg, this complaint would’ve never have been upheld? Okay... Apparently Mr Paskins, who wasn’t even injured in the ‘assault’ (but who might have been were a truncheon or CS spray used), is ‘planning further legal action for compensation.’ Will anybody bat an eyelid if he gets it?

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