5 February 2007

Burying in Bad Taste

THE arrests of nine men over the alleged plot to kidnap a Muslim serving in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and then behead him in an al-Zarqawi-style Islamist snuff movie has been extensively covered over at Western Resistance. The revelations that Sheikh Omar Bakri Mohammed’s poisonous rantings might be behind the alleged plot are of little surprise. In the aftermath of the 7/7 massacre, Bakri notoriously told the Evening Standard:

‘I blame the British Government, the British public and the Muslim community in the UK [for the attacks] because they failed to make the extra effort to put an end to the cycle of bloodshed which started before 9/11 and on July 7 was devastating for everybody.’
Before his permanent vacation in Lebanon began in August 2005 his repeated refusal to condemn Islamist atrocities against civilians had become well known. Indeed, if Britain was still a serious country with a patriotic government then several steely-eyed agents would already have been dispatched to Beirut to silence the nut-bag permanently.
From the welter of consternation over the increasing ruthlessness of this implacable enemy within also emerges the ghastly prospect that surreptitious media briefings regarding Operation Gamble were held by the Home Office in which - without police consent - secret operational details were discussed in a crass attempt to direct public attention away from the bloody great mess the government has got itself and the country into.

New Labour’s Criminal Weakness

THE following transcript is taken from a BBC Panorama interview between Jeremy Vine and Home Office minister Anthony McNulty and is one of the most revealing made by this government concerning their attitudes towards the citizen’s role in maintaining civil order.

Jeremy Vine: ‘You see something happening in the street. Do you step in?’
Anthony McNulty: ‘I think the general line must be to get in touch with the authorities straight and make sure that if things are as bad as you paint the police will be there as quickly as they can.’
Vine: ‘You see a young man looking aggressive, shouting at an old woman, what do you do? You retreat and ring the police?’
McNulty: ‘I think you should in the first instance. It may well be the simply shouting at them, blowing your horn or whatever else deters them and they go away.’
Vine: ‘He's now hitting her and the police haven't come, what do you do then?’
McNulty: ‘The same the same, you must always ...’
Vine: ‘Still wait?’
McNulty: ‘Get back to the police, try some distractive activities whatever else.’
Vine: ‘What jump up and down?’
McNulty: ‘But I would say you know sometimes that that may well work.’

So this, then, is official government advice: if you see an elderly woman being kicked to death by some snarling, speed-addled, tracksuit-clad reprobate then don’t dare intervene, other than to try and distract the culprit by shouting, beeping your car-horn or jumping up and down (or, presumably, a mixture of all three); simply withdraw to a safe distance and call the police (one imagines you'd have to stop leaping about and yelling to do this) and ‘if things are as bad as you paint’ the upholders of law and order should arrive shortly, hopefully before the victim has sustained any serious injuries.
Alongside behaviour like that of MP Andrew Dismore's shameful filibustering which blocked
the Criminal Law (Amendment) (Protection of Property) Bill (a Conservative Private Member's Bill) in 2005, the above extract encapsulates perfectly the undying contempt elements of New Labour harbour for law-abiding citizens, who are scorned as the bourgeois upholders of the detested status quo, and their near reverence for the criminal class, who are regarded as the long discriminated-against martyrs of Britain’s economically-defined social order. In the actualisation of these prejudices common law has been ruthlessly snatched away from the common citizen and is now the sole preserve of the state. Crime-wise, a future as rosy as South Africa's awaits.

‘We are the Eurocrats: Leg-i-slate, Leg-i-slate!’

FROM The Daily Mail:

‘The growing burden of European red tape was laid bare yesterday with the revelation that Brussels has produced 120 miles of legislation since the EU was set up.
‘A study by the Open Europe think has found that Brussels bureaucrats have produced so many laws - many of them completely unnecessary - that the paperwork weighs more than a tonne, the same as a whale or rhinoceros.’

Read the rest of the article here.

The Undoubted Benefits of Ethnic Diversity III

IN another display of the vibrancy advocates of multiculturalism assure us accompanies and justifies the ethnic balkanisation of Britain, a Mr Sadiq Mohammed (you know, Mark Steyn was right), 32, has been jailed indefinitely for the abduction and rape of a seven-year-old girl in May 2006. Mr Mohammed, who came to Britain from Somalia in 1990 claiming asylum, had previously been sentenced to four years imprisonment in 2000 for indecently assaulting a 55-year-old woman and attempting to attack three others, including a 14-year-old. Sentencing at the previous trial Judge Lester Boothman recommended that Mr Mohammed be deported upon his release. The culprit was duly liberated halfway through his sentence, but remained in the country. And why wasn’t Mr Mohammed expelled forthwith? A Home Office spokesman explains:

‘Each case is considered on its individual merits in accordance to our international obligations and taking full account of conditions in the country concerned as they impact on the individual. We will only enforce return where we are satisfied that the individual concerned will not be at risk.’
Naturally, the risk that such an individual might pose to indigenous Britons is entirely irrelevant.
Update: The possibility that the culprit is a Kenyan national and so not eligible for asylum has now been raised.

The Undoubted Benefits of Unfettered Immigration II

UNDOUBTEDLY beneficial if you’re either a pimp or a client, at any rate.

Britain’s Fifth Column is a Minaret

JUST as Cameron starts to bleat about the need to ‘…create more opportunities for celebrating our sense of nationhood’ and Brown monotones that ‘What was wrong about multiculturalism was not the recognition of diversity, but that it emphasised separateness at the cost of unity’ (notice the use of past tense, as if multiculturalism as an active ideology in British politics suddenly doesn’t exist anymore) a survey commissioned by the Policy Exchange think-tank reveals in stark detail the alienation and, let’s not bandy words here, odium that young British Muslims feel from and towards their adopted motherland.
The findings make disturbing reading and indeed, as the stronger opinions are most prevalent amongst younger Muslims, do not bode at all well for future societal cohesion in urban Britain. For your own discomfiture VPL has reproduced some of the more startling findings below:

  • 13 per cent of 16-24-year-olds said they admired terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda.
  • 37 per cent of 16-24-year-olds said they would prefer to live in Britain under sharia law rather than British law.
  • 32 per cent of 25-34-year-olds said they would prefer to live in Britain under sharia law rather than British law.
  • 55 per cent of 25-34-year-olds said that, under sharia, a Muslim male should be able to have up to four wives.
  • 37 per cent of 25-34-year-olds said that Muslim conversion (to another faith) should be punishable by death.
  • 37 per cent of 16-24-year-olds said they would prefer to send their children to an Islamic state school than a mixed state school.
  • 59 per cent of all those asked said that they felt more in common with Muslims in other countries than non-Muslims in Britain.
  • 53 per cent of all those asked said they prefer that Muslim women choose to wear the veil.

Heady stuff, eh? When unrepentant socialists like Brown start warning of a ‘balkanised Britain’ and that ‘multiculturalism became an excuse for justifying separateness and … even greater exclusivity’ one may begin to hope that the worm is, at last, turning; that the potentially lethal seismic shifts occurring in Britain’s demographic and cultural composition are at last starting to shake the remote ivory towers which our governing class inhabit. However, what ultimate form the reaction of the Labour Party to this fifth column will take remains to be seen. Certainly, if it is to be effective, they will not only have to substantially review and moderate the over-sensitivity with which they treat with ethnic minority groups, but also overcome the obvious distaste with which they themselves view British culture and history; a distaste which has undoubtedly proven such an insurmountable obstacle to encouraging integration and patriotism in the past.

Word Defying

IS a complete and utter deficit of commonsense a perquisite for a career in the constabulary or as a Crown prosecutor? This story would certainly suggest so. Judge Dowse is to be heartily commended for halting the proceedings; it is comforting to know that a flicker of sanity may sometimes be glimpsed amongst the murky workings of our sclerotic criminal justice system.

Who Said That?

‘What is dangerous about this situation is not the fact of [Iran] having a nuclear bomb. Having one or perhaps a second bomb a little later, well, that’s not very dangerous. But what is very dangerous is proliferation. This means that if Iran continues in the direction it has taken and totally masters nuclear-generated electricity, the danger does not lie in the bomb it will have, and which will be of no use to it’

Find out here.

Roman Catholics and Homosexual Hoteliers Find Common Cause

NOW even the homosexuals are complaining about the provisions of the Sexual Orientation Regulations. It seems that the Britain's thriving homosexual tourist market - apparently worth some £3.5 billion an(nu)ally – will no longer be able to cater solely for the rectally prolapsed because to do so would be to discriminate against heterosexuals under the SOR, which will come into force in April. As hotelier Mark Hurst – whose runs a classy Blackpool establishment called ‘Guyz’ – bemoans:

‘Rather than improve gay rights, it will make things much worse. We run a gay hotel exclusively for men.
‘We feel if we were forced to a situation where we had to accept heterosexual people into our hotel, our gay clientele will not behave as naturally as they would now.
‘Many of them would feel more self-conscious. Many of our guests like to just sit on the settee in the lounge and cuddle up to watch a film.
‘They can hold hands and have a little kiss and would behave in a way they may not if they were in a mixed crowd.’
Aww. Of course, the SOR is evidently an assault on the fundamental right to freedom of expression; an unjustifiable imposition of state-morality that, were the morally-vacuous television-transfixed helots who comprise the electorate paying attention, should have sparked major unrest and protests. Melanie Phillips (wo)mans the 50 cal. and blasts some gaping, gory holes in the dogmatic regulations here.

British Border Security: How Bad?

THIS bad.

Jailhouse Rock

THE prisons overcrowding quandary received further unwelcome attention following the release of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Prisons’ critical annual report last week. Of the crisis report author HM Chief Inspector of Prisons Anne Owers, whose unfavourable review of the Harmondsworth Immigrant Removal Centre last December sparked a widespread riot, commented that:
‘It is normally considered good practice to build an ark before the flood rather than during or after it. This means long-term planning and planning which in my view should have happened a long time ago.’
Of course, New Labour are to long-term planning what the ‘travelling community’ are to soap (anathema, in case you didn’t guess). Indeed, if one were searching for an appropriate term with which to characterise the formulation and implementation of the majority of this administration’s chaotic domestic policies, then knee-jerk would certainly be it.